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About the Project


In October 1971, a small group of law students at the University of Virginia founded Virginia Law Women (VLW) to build community and advocate for women law students. To mark the organization's 50th anniversary, the current VLW executive board and the UVA Law Special Collections department teamed up to create this digital archive and exhibit. The site features archival photographs and articles from Law Special Collections, as well as oral history interviews with a group of former VLW presidents conducted by current VLW members.

Color photograph of group of women smiling
VLW Executive Board, 2021-2022

Front row, left to right: Camille Boler, Heream Yang, Sabrina Palazzolo, Sujaya Rajguru, Aspen Ono, Sujata Bajracharya, Megan Phansalkar, Emily Bucholtz. 

Back row, left to right: Chanel Holmes, Biruktawit "Birdy" Assefa, Sabrina Mato, Crystal Zeng, Mita Ramani, Ashley Reed, Erin Magoffie, Cydney Swain, Ashley Campfield, Brecken Petty. 

Not pictured: Daniella Roselló, Madison Lazarek, Raelissa Glennon-Zukoff

Oral History Legacies


VLW50 is part of a law library initiative to revive the Law School’s oral history program. In its prior incarnation, shepherded by Law Librarian Frances Farmer from 1980-1984, the oral history program recorded valuable interviews with Law School deans and faculty for what Farmer called the “Law School’s Second Century History Series.” Now that the law library has revived the oral history program, new oral history interviews with faculty, staff, and alumnae/i will become a central element of our institutional archive and preserve diverse voices within the UVA Law community.

Color photograph of group of people smiling outside
Color photograph of four women in a Zoom call



Above: Frances Farmer (second from right) interviews members of Virginia Law Women in 1981. Left to right: Suzanne Spaulding '81, Barby Rest '83, Sally Nan Barber '81, and Kathleen Miles '82.

Left: Oral history interview with Celeste-Redmond Smith '85, February 2, 2022. Clockwise from top left: Addie Patrick, Celeste Redmond-Smith, Daniella Roselló, and Randi Flaherty.


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